Customization is the key. Our faux furs are completely customizable in weight, color, fur length and composition. But real fur is where the magic happens, want to know more? Read on:

Treatments on the leather side


Dyeing and refinishing

Il The leather side can be treated separately during the tanning process, giving it a suede/nappa/nubuck finish. It can be left in the original color or dyed in any other tone.


Printing and embossing

It can be digitally/hand printed or embossed in exotic leather look. Any graphic pattern is possible.



With the use of high temperature and special molds, the leather side can be given a real 3D effect.



Laser is extremely precise and lets you design very detailed figures on the leather.

Treatments on the fur side

Let your imagination run wild. Anything can be done with the fur side of a skin. Dyeing in one or more colors, simple or geometric shearing, plucking, bleaching, printing, laser cutting etc.



Bleaching consists in taking out the color from the skin, it can be done on natural or artifical colors, on the whole skin or just on the fur tips. Possibilities, especially if combined with dyeing, are endless.



Fur can be dyed in one, two or multiple colors. It can be bleached and dyed, or dyed with a dégradé effect. Our tanniers can dye from your PANTONE ® color or from any leather/textile/fur sample.


Shearing and plucking

With normal shearing you just shorten the fur length. Fur can also be geometric sheared through the use of special machines, giving it a great 3D effect. With the plucking process, the guard hair gets removed and only the underwool is left, this way the fur becomes silky soft and smooth.



Logos, stripes, patterns can be printed directly on the fur with the use of single or multicolor frames. Short and dense fur should be preferred for printing, but nice results can be had on longer hair too. Recently we have started working with digital prints on the fur side too: quick, cheap and highly customizable.



With laser we can achieve the same results of the geometric shearing, but with a lot more precision and complexity.


Studs, rhinestones etc

Studs, rhinestones, pearls, etc. can be applied on the skins. Done by hand or by CNC.


Metallic finishing

This is the last news when it comes to treatments on the fur side. It consists of a metallic powder which enhances the look of the skins with gold/silver/bronze reflections.

Other techniques



The leather side is geometrically cut and stretched. It’s used for:
– increasing the size of the skins
– making the skins lighter (especially fox/raccoon fur)
– making shaping of the skins easier
– making double-face fur
– enhancing the underwool color


Patchwork and mosaic

This is fur art. Skilled craftsmen cut and resew the skins in various shapes creating multicolor patterns. This kind of technique can be used for mixing different kind/colors of furs, textiles, leathers etc.



With this technique you can “draw” on the fur mixing colors and materials.


Leather reinforcing

We apply a textile cloth on the leather side of the skins/plates to make it stronger and avoid breakages (especially on materials used in the shoes/accessories industry). Various colors, thicknesses, and materials available based on the customers’ needs.


We offer a third party manufacturing service for any kind of production requirements and budgets. Every order is carefully handled with discretion and professionalism, ensuring the best results in the shortest possible time.



Shoes decorations

Interior design